Disparition de Xavier Murillo

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Disparition de Xavier Murillo

Message par Hubert le Lun 4 Juil 2011 - 16:20

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Re: Disparition de Xavier Murillo

Message par Marc le Jeu 7 Juil 2011 - 23:09

Sad news: the team in Peru have found Xavier's body...

Mike just reported to Laura that they found Xavier's body.
Unfortunatly all is over and Xavier is dead.

We just contacted the family.
I cannot find the words right now to express the sorrow.

Be assured that we'll provide more informations as soon as we get it and as soon as we recover enough strenght to share it.

My thoughts are with the friends, the family of Xavier as well as with all people that helped or contributed to the searches during this last stressfull days.
Thanks to all of you.

More information later.

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